Beginning the Journey

It is November 2016 and I am 36 years old. I am going to retire within 10 years. I am Becoming FIRE.

My wife & I recently discovered the concept of FIRE (Financial Independence / Retired Early). It’s a concept that seems so simple and straightforward and yet one that is so counter to our society and culture. It’s also a concept I wish I had discovered years ago. If I had started when I was 30 I could be retired by now. But it’s better late than never.

The purpose of this blog is to help document our journey and to give inspiration to others starting on their own journey towards becoming FIRE. We can document our successes and our failures to hopefully help others on their journey. By creating more fulfilling and rewarding lives for ourselves we can help create a better world for everyone. When you don’t have to work for money, you are free to do work that you are passionate about; work that helps others. Or free to do nothing at all.

There are many amazing people with amazing websites that help to educate and inspire the world with the concept of FIRE.  Much of the concepts I am practicing and learning has been adopted from them.  They can articulate these ideas far better than I ever could. Please investigate these sites and learn about the FIRE idea.

Here is an incomplete list:


Mad Fientist


In the next post, I will begin detailing our current financial situation and our plans to become FIRE.  In further posts I intend to document the path towards FIRE as well as sharing lifestyle ideas and strategies that my wife and I have developed. This is a subject I think about constantly but finding time to write posts will be a challenge. But if you’re patient, please share this journey with me.  For now, it’s back to work!